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Logo creation and customization for Windows operating system
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Do you really want to change those boring logos for your computer startup and shutdown process? If so, this is the right tool for you. Now you can customize those logos with other of your own choice. With LogoFactory you can convert your photos, wallpapers or any type of graphics to replace the various logos used in Windows operating system. This tool can only store 10 sets of logos to be used. It allows you to convert various .gif, .bmp, .jpg or .jpeg graphic file formats. The easy interface allows users to view the current logo besides the new image for easy preview. With the various features of this tool you can manage the start up logo, wait logo, safe logo and logo creator. The help files are very easy to understand and this tool can enable every layman or person not very familiar to graphic fundamentals to change and customize their Windows logo. With a simple installer, this tool is available for 30 days of trial. The current cost of this software is too high in comparison with other such tools available in the market.

maitri shah
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  • Easy-to-use
  • Free trial for 30 day
  • Converts many graphic formats


  • Cost too high
  • It only stores 10 sets
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